A heavy sigh escaped Olive’s trembling lips as she stared blankly at her bare walls.

It seemed like only yesterday that she held Alfred close.

Only in his arms did she ever truly feel safe.

“What next..?” She whispered to herself. A single tear rolled down her rosy cheek.


Countless memories of their final moments together flooded her thoughts.


If only she had known her last embrace was then she would never have let go.

And so begins Olive’s tale…


Olive was unfortunate enough to be a “mistake” in a broken home in the streets of Bridgeport.

Her mother Gwen was what some would call a lady of the night and a “recovering” drug addict.


Needless to say Olive’s relationship with Gwen was far from healthy.


Nearly every interaction between the two ended with Olive running aimlessly into the city in tears, forcing her to fend for her own on the streets in search for food and shelter.


Late one evening as Olive scavenged for any leftover baked goods from the local grocery store she encountered Alfred.


They instantly connected. Olive did not know what love truly felt like until she met him.

Alfred being sent from foster home to foster home and Olive’s being homeless gave them common ground.


Shortly after their first encounter they spent every waking moment together.

Months passed and they really seemed inseparable.


One stormy day , Olive and Gwen got into another heated argument.

Gwen in a drunken rage attacked Olive .


Olive could not take the constant abuse any longer. Being only a month away from her 18th birthday she finally had had enough.


Olive angrily accused Gwen of being a horrible mother and a drug addict.

In tears she screamed


” I HATE YOU, I am leaving , I WILL NOT be abused any longer!”


And with that Olive left Gwen to rot in her own miserable hell that she created.


 In tears ,Olive ran to the park that her and Alfred called their special place and contemplated her next step.The sky flickered with lightning as the rain was soon to come.


Alfred was truly her one and only, it was as if the universe answered her desperate cries and sent him to her aid in the park that night.


Olive held his hands tightly ,lips trembling. She was worried at what was to come but she knew that no matter what it could never be as bad as it was and she was ready and willing with open arms to embrace her destiny.


The full moon shone down on the innocent couple as they lovingly embraced one another.

All they had left was each other and they were just fine with that.

Their next stop? A little town called St. Claire.